Classic Car Sites

These are a few sites about classic and vintage cars that I though were interesting. Feel free to send me suggestions to be added, but only very unique sites or sites that would be considered very useful to classic cars owners will be included.

Repair and Parts

  • Old Carburetors - This site contains carburator specifications for classic and vintage cars from the twenties to the fourties. They also have an original Model T Owners manual. Even if you don't plan on repairing one of these old carburators, it's still fun to just poke around and see how technology has changed.
  • Classic Car Manuals is a good place to thumb through to check out old sales brochures and manuals of vintage cars. You will find more brochures on their sister site Old Car Brochures. I like checking out the "New" options and features. Funny when you see things that look like obvious standard features now, that were the exciting new options then.
  • Something to be aware of if you like to work with older cars is that some of the materials used in the past are now considered hazardous. One material that should be watched for is Asbestos. Brake pads used on vehicles made be for 1970. If you’re removing some pads from an older vehicle you might be interested in reading Asbestos Risk for Automotive Enthusiasts

Car Shows

  • Northern California is home to many good cars shows. One of our favorites is Kool April Nites in Redding, CA, another one that has caught our interest is Pacific Coast Dream Machines in Half Moon Bay, California. Another Classic Car show is the Downtown Lincoln Car Show in Lincoln California. We're always looking for new shows to check out and inform our readers about, so if you're a co-ordinator of a Northern California Auto Show give us a call, we'd love to tell others about you!