NorCalCars Classics and Vintage Cars

Americans love classic cars! Whether modified or restored to the original specifications there is something about them that makes us stop and watch them drive by.

While most of the NorCalCars dealers do not specialize in the classics, they often find some great deals in their travels to find used cars, so stop by often to see what they’ve found!

There are differences in opinion as to what is considered a “classic car” the Classic Car Club of America lists specific cars between about 1925 and 1948 to be a “CCCA Classic” or the trademarked “Full Classic”. The United States legal definition is "A motor vehicle, but not a reproduction thereof, manufactured at least 15 years prior to the current year which has been maintained in or restored to a condition which is substantially in conformity with manufacturer specifications and appearance." The Antique Automobile Club of America defines an Antique car as one that is older than 25 years old.

You will find any of the cars stocked by the NorCalCars dealers that are older that 25 years old in this classic car section. In addition the NorCalCars dealers will often put any older car that has been restored or often thought of as a classic in our Classic car section even if it is less than 25 years old.

Classic Car Shows

Wanting to show off your classic car! lists all the top shows in the Northern California Area. Check out our 2012 Classic Car Show Calendar!

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